2021 Excursions

“…and lo, I am with you always even to the end of the age. Amen.” Matthew 28:20b

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalm 23:6

“Whoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.” Acts 2:21

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation…” Romans 1:16a

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:18

Wisconsin – June, 2021

Our great prayer answering God heard and answered your prayers.  The Name of Jesus Christ was shared with tens of thousands in Wisconsin – in Madison, Middleton, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Brookfield, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, Appleton, Green Bay, Manitowoc, and more.

The Lord made provision everywhere we went.  In Kenosha there was a July 4th parade going on and we were able to hand out thousands of gospel tracts and gospels of John to those in attendance.  What a joy to share the good news in a community that had huge riots less than a year ago. In Milwaukee, there were NBA games and MLB games (the Bucks and the Brewers) and many thousands received tracts.

Along the way, there were some very precious conversations with individuals – some who knew the Lord and were encouraged (such as the man who was by himself going to NBA games handing out tracts or the man who is a believer from Iran who emigrated here many years ago) and some who did not know the Lord and who prayed to receive Christ.

We even heard from our previous excursion where the treasurer of the atheist club at UNC Asheville confessed Christ and was gloriously saved several weeks after our conversation with her near the monument in downtown Asheville.

The people of Wisconsin were remarkably receptive.  We believe this was the result of the prayers of God’s people.  We experienced little opposition.  The police and security in most places were supportive.

The fellowship among the men who went was very encouraging.  We also had a precious time of fellowship and a meal with the Ambati family in Oshkosh.

There were several days where we headed out at 5:30 am and returned at 11:30 pm.  No one complained, all were excited to seize the present moment to distribute the good news of the gospel.  Oh, for 3,000 men who will do so at this late hour.  Yes, His house needs to be built in reality.  Yes, Israel needs to be fully restored and saved.  Yes, each of us needs to be transformed to be full grown sons and, together, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.  Yes, the Bride needs to be made ready – and so much more.  But, also, the full harvest must be brought in – the visions of William Booth come to mind – where he saw those who were perishing as well as those who had the answer so embroiled in their own routines of life they seemed to be unaware of the need around them.

Asheville, NC – April, 2021

On April 29th through May 3rd, 18 men converged on Asheville North Carolina to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The group handed out around 25,000 gospel tracts and gospels of John, had numerous one-on-one conversations, conducted open air preaching and outreach, had extensive prayer, good fellowship, and wonderful opportunities to see some come to know Jesus Christ.  Once again, by the grace of God, every brother left more encouraged than when they came.

Asheville is a post-modern city where witchcraft, new age, homosexuality, transgenderism, radicalism, and paganism are honored.  Large numbers of tourists are drawn to this city.  We encountered Antifa, demonized individuals, a transgender parade and rally, and much more.  We met many who are looking for real hope, many who are deceived – believing they know God apart from the cross of Christ.  We also met some dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Let me mention four dear saints that we met:  Mike C. was a demonized drug addict when the Lord gloriously saved him.  His countenance exudes the joy of the Lord.  Recently, the Lord encouraged him to go to the main square in Asheville, several evenings a week, and declare Jesus as Lord holding a sign, a smile, and love in his heart.  We saw Mike frequently while we were there and are so glad for this dear brother in Christ.  Randy Shepherd was known by some of us before we went to his hometown of Asheville.  Randy is often on the road using his basketball skills to share the gospel through speaking engagements and camps (he has been in Memphis this week).  It was a great pleasure to work closely with Randy while in Asheville.  There were two sisters in the Lord who several times per week stood in the main square playing worship music and waving Jesus flags.  One had a microphone and periodically quoted scripture and prayed out loud for a great awakening, a revival in Asheville and across the United States.  One had a sense that their devotion, praise, and worship was clearing the spiritual atmosphere over this dark place to usher in a move of the Holy Spirit.

We also met other saints along the way – people who were clearly saved and separated unto the Lord.  One sister in Christ was sitting on a bench next to where I was standing when a demon possessed man tried to disrupt some open air preaching of the gospel.  Her prayers were used of the Lord to restrain this man.

We saw the Lord supernaturally overrule in a number of situations – one when we were confronted by some from Antifa.  The love and peace of God living through us by the Holy Spirit caused the whole group to disband – except a few who wanted to engage in a conversation.  This provided a real opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On a number of occasions it was obvious how the Lord orchestrated an encounter, a scripture, a fellowship opportunity, et. al. to edify the saints or save the lost.

Several one-on-one conversations were used in a precious way by the Lord.  Our brother “Buddy,” who is over 80 years old, shared the gospel with a woman in a parking lot – speaking with her for at least 20 minutes.  As the driver of one of the vans, I was able to observe this interaction as she wept tears of repentance – and joy – as she received Christ as her Savior and Lord.

We were also encouraged as our outreach was, again, used by a local congregation as an example of the need to go out where the lost people are and interact with them.  This congregation was stirred up to love and good works.  We must overcome our apprehension and fears and go in love and righteousness, under His anointing, and speak the truth in love – for as the prophet Joel said there are, “multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision.”  For the most part they are not coming to us.  Thus, we must go [by the Spirit’s leading] to them.

We look forward to upcoming excursions as the Lord leads.  We are presently considering one to Wisconsin (primarily Madison & Milwaukee) during late June/early July.

We must continue to work while it is day.  We still are asking the Lord for a great number (desiring 3,000) who will give their time and do the work of an evangelist through outreach in a nation that is largely post-modern and where research shows – only six percent believe the Bible is the absolute authority.

We are sure of the goodness and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and His desire to hear and answer the prayers of those who are praying for a harvest, a revival, a great awakening, and a miraculous and comprehensive move of the Holy Spirit across our land – from sea to shining sea.

Tallahassee, Florida – March, 2021

We were asked to come there by some brothers who are part of a fellowship that meets in the northern part of town.  A number of them joined us.  Ultimately, one of our big desires is to stir believers to share the gospel “as they are going” through life where they live, work, educate, recreate, et. al.  On this note – it seems as though the trip was highly successful.

We are deeply grateful for those who prayed for us.  The Lord heard and answered those prayers.  Though we had some troubles and some spiritual opposition, it was, as if, the wind was in our sails throughout the trip – carrying us, enabling us, giving us wisdom, directing our steps and so much more.

There were many noteworthy moments – here are a few:

  • After a full day, some of us decided to go back out to evangelize – fairly late one night on the streets of downtown Tallahassee.  During that time we “accidentally” came across a man who one of the brothers who lives in Tallahassee has been sharing the gospel with as they have crossed paths a number of times during the past few years.  This was a divine appointment for this man had been in jail and was reminded of the only answer and hope to his many woes.
  • While visiting people in an apartment complex, one of our team was welcomed in by a young man who just opened his Bible in a desire to find out who the Lord really is.  His mother came from Iran and was converted from Shia Islam to Christ a couple of years ago.  She recently told him that he would receive a visit from someone who would show him the truth.  For the next 45 minutes our brother spoke words of life to this man.  Later one of the brothers from Tallahassee joined him and connected with him to continue the relationship.
  • A number of waitresses and waiters, other restaurant workers, and workers in other businesses, responded to us including several with sobering situations needing prayer and deliverance or direction.
  • A young man who had been invited to the gospel meeting came and seems to be very interested in the Lord.
  • A man (who appears to be a brother) who has severe PTSD from being a former navy seal met some of us in the hotel and spent part of the day with us.  He was encouraged and some of us are staying in touch with him.

There are many other stories like these.  The number of “Divine Appointments” was extraordinary.

Here are some basic updates on the trip:

  • 17 men went to Tallahassee – including 13 from Memphis, 3 from other parts of Florida, and 1 from Ohio. A number of others from Tallahassee joined us.  At one point 24 of us were out evangelizing at one time.
  • We were able to distribute over 28,000 gospel tracts and gospels of John over a 3 ½ day period.  The greater Tallahassee area has about 385,000 people, so our efforts touched nearly 10% of the population.  We used at least 8 to 10 different types of tracts and shared our experiences with each other to refine our approaches to those we shared with.
  • There were countless one-on-one discussions – nearly all of them positive in nature.
  • We visited The State Capital area, Florida State University, Florida A&M, downtown Tallahassee, Street markets, businesses, shopping malls, parking garages, flea markets, numerous parks, large parking lots, fraternities, sororities, residential neighborhoods, apartment complexes, athletic facilities, suburban areas, and more.
  • We participated in the Lord’s Table meeting of the fellowship in Tallahassee.  It was a very good time of worship and communion.  We then participated in a gospel meeting they held that was very encouraging and a we had a meal together afterwards.  On a person note, I was deeply impressed with the spiritual maturity of the 6 to 8 (or more) brothers who lead the assembly in Tallahassee.
  • Among us, there were many meals together, much fellowship, prayer, sharing of scriptures, inquiry of the Lord, words of knowledge, words of wisdom, and more.
  • We had breakfast each day at 6:30 am followed by a time of prayer, fellowship, encouragement, and direction for the day.
  • We generally went out in teams using 3 or 4 vehicles with a plan and prayer to alter as the Lord lead us.  This was the first excursion where we deployed more than one team/one vehicle.  It worked really well (especially for the days ahead when dozens, then scores, then hundreds of teams will be deployed).
  • Several who are talented in music used that as a means to draw others as “chum” while others around them “fished” for men.
  • There were a number each day who prayed to receive Christ.  The Lord knows whether an eternal transaction occurred.  We also had numerous opportunities to pray with people wherever we went.
  • A good number who participated in the outreach were so encouraged, they were set ablaze anew to seek the Lord and share His life and love with others.

* The time in the vehicles together was rich in discussion, prayer, singing, fellowship, fun, and laughter.

Greater Austin, Texas – January, 2021

Seven men distributed over 20,000 gospel tracts and gospels of John. On Wednesday, January 6th the group distributed gospel tracts in the northern suburban cities of Austin – Round Rock, Pflugerville, & Georgetown.  The weather was drizzly for at least half the day.  Regardless, the group was able to hand out over 3,500 gospel tracts and have opportunities to share and pray with various individuals.  On Thursday, January 7th, the group visited downtown Austin including the area around State Capitol Building and the University of Texas.  An additional brother from Houston, TX joined the group for the day.  The group covered over 100 square blocks from the University of Texas to the Colorado River.  On the way back to the hotel the group also visited a large hospital complex and other locations.  This day 6,000 gospel tracts we distributed.  There were a good number of opportunities to interact with people – including some challenging situations.  On Friday January 8th the group reached out to North Austin where there are numerous large businesses, enormous shopping centers, a research campus, and more.  Some large corporations have their headquarters or major offices in this area. Many of the parking lots that normally hold thousands of automobiles were largely empty due to Covid-19. However, the group found full commuter lots, parking garages, and other opportunities to hand out tracts.  We distributed over 5,500 gospel tracts.  We also had some good conversations with people. On Saturday, January 9th the group went to South Austin – primarily along the river (on both sides), down Congress and South 1st Avenue, 2 farmer’s markets (one on either side of the river), a shopping mall and some repeat of downtown Austin.  The group covered over 80 square blocks and a number of large parks.  There were huge volumes of people in their 20s and 30s around the river area – playing soccer, tennis, ultimate frisbee, jogging, kayaking, and more. This afforded the group the largest distribution in the smallest area in the shortest time.  The group then revisited downtown and had lunch then returned to the river area as many new people were out recreating. Then the group covered many blocks south of the river reaching thousands of people out on South 1st Avenue for about 15 blocks – enjoying the weather, eating, drinking, shopping, recreating, and more.  On this day the group distributed over 5,500 gospel tracts. In addition, there were a number of very good conversations and prayer with people.  As the group departed they deliberately drove up Congress Avenue towards the State Capitol Building and prayed for the City for a spiritual fire to be lit in the hearts of many who received the tracts to bring a great move of the Holy Spirit in Greater Austin.  The group returned home on Sunday, January 10th.

Each of these trips have been educational on many levels.  First, is the need for fellowship with the Lord and with each other, steadfast prayer together, encouragement in the Word and in worship, learning to know the Spirit’s leading, and a fervent desire to be a disciple and see others become disciples beginning with their new birth.

Here are some of the testimonies of those who have been on a gospel excursion:

  • The Lord’s anointing was upon us to proclaim the Gospel
  • There was a palpable provision of joy, peace, and boldness
  • I found myself almost constantly having a song to the Lord – dozens came to my heart and many of these came through my lips throughout the trip (it truly qualified as a joyful noise!)
  • There was almost always clarity on what to do next, there was no stress or anxiety regarding the plans
  • There was supernatural unity and humility among the team
  • There was great flexibility to change directions – something that occurred every day
  • There was nearly always a surprisingly positive receptiveness on the part of those we encountered
  • We were able to stay focused throughout the trip
  • There were many, many Divine Appointments – especially one on one encounters
  • The Lord gave us all a sense of humor throughout the trip
  • There was a real sense of our delivering good news to multitudes who were lost
  • There was a remarkable sense of freedom to share Christ in nearly every situation (every restaurant, rest stop, gas station, grocery store, hotel, etc.)
  • We had supernatural strength that carried us through what was a fatiguing schedule
  • We had great personal fellowship with each other
  • Our health held up
  • Each of us typically walked 5 to 8 miles per day or more, slept well, and got up energized and encouraged to do it again.
  • There was an overwhelming sense that we truly were sharing GOOD NEWS!
  • Clearly God answered the prayers of many dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

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Upcoming Excursions: 2022-23
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- New York City
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What to expect

  • Close travel with 9 others in a 15 passenger van
  • Shared hotel rooms
  • Meals together
  • Prayer together
  • Evangelism together
  • Long days – hard work
  • Much joy and encouragement
  • much more!


  • There will be some training meetings
  • Team assignments – drivers, captain, tract-ers, talkers, other