Excursion Map

Each of these trips have been educational on many levels.  First, is the need for fellowship with the Lord and with each other, steadfast prayer together, encouragement in the Word and in worship, learning to know the Spirit’s leading, and a fervent desire to be a disciple and see others become disciples beginning with their new birth.

Here are some of the testimonies of those who have been on a gospel excursion:

  • The Lord’s anointing was upon us to proclaim the Gospel
  • There was a palpable provision of joy, peace, and boldness
  • I found myself almost constantly having a song to the Lord – dozens came to my heart and many of these came through my lips throughout the trip (it truly qualified as a joyful noise!)
  • There was almost always clarity on what to do next, there was no stress or anxiety regarding the plans
  • There was supernatural unity and humility among the team
  • There was great flexibility to change directions – something that occurred every day
  • There was nearly always a surprisingly positive receptiveness on the part of those we encountered
  • We were able to stay focused throughout the trip
  • There were many, many Divine Appointments – especially one on one encounters
  • The Lord gave us all a sense of humor throughout the trip
  • There was a real sense of our delivering good news to multitudes who were lost
  • There was a remarkable sense of freedom to share Christ in nearly every situation (every restaurant, rest stop, gas station, grocery store, hotel, etc.)
  • We had supernatural strength that carried us through what was a fatiguing schedule
  • We had great personal fellowship with each other
  • Our health held up
  • Each of us typically walked 5 to 8 miles per day or more, slept well, and got up energized and encouraged to do it again.
  • There was an overwhelming sense that we truly were sharing GOOD NEWS!
  • Clearly God answered the prayers of many dear brothers and sisters in Christ!